After 13 long hours on a bus – I’ve arrived in NYC

An overnight bus to NYC – arriving 7am Monday morning. Sounded like a genius idea – roll in to the city, saunter over to the archives, and get a full day without needing to pay for another nights stay in the city. However: my 10 hour overnight bus trip to NYC backfired on me and turned into a 13 hour trip – ugh! (And this was after I drove back from Montreal to Toronto earlier in the day).  Got turned around a bit on the subway too so I didn’t make it to the archives until 11:30am – not my best first impression.

I’m at the Weill Cornell Medical Center Archives this week. The Archives are located on the 25th floor of the New York Presbyterian Hospital on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The hospital organization dates to 1771 and the building dates to 1932.

The Weill Cornell Medical Center Archives hold the institutional and patient records of Bloomingdale Asylum/Hospital. Bloomingdale first opened in 1821 on the site where Columbia University now stands and was moved in 1894 to White Plains, NY.

Despite my rough start I did manage to go through their entire catalog of photographs related to Bloomingdale and made a (rather long) list of all the images I want to see tomorrow. I was able to see previews of the images on the computer but I get to see the originals tomorrow. I’m pretty excited – lots of photographs of various interior rooms as well as staff and patients engaged in various activities!


2 Responses to After 13 long hours on a bus – I’ve arrived in NYC

  1. Eliza says:

    Why on earth did you drive from MTRL to TO BEFORE going to NYC?!!!

    • Was at a wedding on Saturday and every Montreal bus company wanted double to get to NYC so it was cheaper to head back to Toronto with Tim and then hop on the bus – silly, I realize, but half the price!

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