Columbia U @ the Asylum?

Last day: visiting the original site

Last day at the archives went really well – though a bit sad: one of the boxes of patient files has been attacked by a bad case of mould to the point that the writing is being erased 😦

I headed off to Columbia University‘s beautiful campus afterwards – which just happens to sit on the site of the original location of Bloomingdale Asylum (before it moved to White Plains, NY). Three of the Asylum’s buildings were used by the university for a period of time:

1. The Superintendent’s House was used as the Faculty Club until it was demolished in 1922. It was located approximately where Dodge Hall is today.

2. West Hall, which was part of the main Asylum complex, stood between where Earl Hall and the Mathematics building are today.

3. Macy Villa (photo right) – still stands! It dates to 1895 and has had a whole

host of occupants since Columbia University moved onto the property. It was originally on 116th street until the entire building was moved to its current location between Low Library and the statue of The Thinker – it is now called Buell Hall and is occupied is occupied by la Maison Francaise, Columbia’s French cultural centre.

Made is home this morning, another overnight bus trip under my belt. If you’re wondering, MegaBus is now 0-2 in my books: we left 40 minutes late, there was no line – see pic of the sea of people on the sidewalk trying to get on buses + bus was a sauna, bus driver yelled at everyone repeatedly.

Next trip: leaving from Cheiron next Sunday to head to Albany, NY!


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