NY State Archives

Day 1: NY State Archives

Headed straight from Cheiron to Albany, NY via NYC (braved the Megabus again – ugh!) for 5 days at the NY State Archives and NY State Museum. Among other things, they hold the collections of the Willard and Utica State Hospitals.

Started today at the Archives: spent the day digging through the Willard photograph collection for materials related to th 19th century. So far, so good! Tons of photos and albums that show not only the buildings (exteriors and interiors) but also both patients and staff in action! Also got to see a large collection of glass slides from the nursing school.

I also met with one of the Museum’s Curators, Craig Williams. He gave me the inventory for the Museum’s collections that relate to Willard and Utica – have spent my evening pouring through the hundreds of very exciting sounding items. He also mentioned that he may be able to arrange for me to get access to see the interior of Utica in the future! So very excited about the possibility!


4 Responses to NY State Archives

  1. Kelli V says:

    What? A walk through of Utica without me.. so jealous.

    • LOL! No Kelli I wouldn’t dream of ditching my asylum tourism partner! I’ll be trying to arrange the trip for the end of the summer – any interest in being an unpaid research assistant who pays their own way?

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