Field trip!

Day 4: I think I know the location of ark of the covenant

Today I got to go on a field trip to the NY State Museum‘s off-site storage facility!! I got driven out with some of the Museum’s employees in a passenger van to Rotterdam, about 30 minutes away, where the Museum stores the majority of its artifacts in this old ammunitions bunker. It was quite cool: a giant warehouse filled with items as far as the eye could see. Anything you could think of was in this place: furniture, cars from every era, boats, circus gear, clothing – and the Willard suitcase collection of course (pictured)!

Today I got to see some of the materials from the Willard and Utica collections:  nurses’ uniform, a shawl a patient used in 1890, the bars from a window, tables, chairs, a grandfather clock, bookcases, etc. And this was only just the tip of the collection!

The rest of the afternoon was spent back with the annual report drudgery – I’m now working my way through Utica (yesterday was Willard’s reports). Also headed down to the New York State Library, down a few floors from the Archives, to look through some of the catalogues and prices lists from the prisons that show the items they made and sold to other public institutions: furniture, clothing, kitchen items (I hadn’t realized these types of documents existed)

Evening went well too – I met another researcher and we headed to the Albany Pump Station for a beer and dinner. It’s located in the original brewery and the building dates to 1874 – perfect place for historical researchers to go after a day at the archives!


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  1. […] had a chance to zip through the displays of the New York State Museum. I’ve done research with their materials before but hadn’t seen their exhibit space. The museum is free and covers all sorts of aspects […]

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