Bonus post!

An extra stop on my way home

Megabus made it up to me today for all the delays I’ve experienced over the past few weeks: we not only made it to NYC on schedule but also made it in time for me to catch the last tour offered at the NY Public Library!

This was my first time getting to go INSIDE the Library – it was absolutely incredible! Gorgeous architecture, incredible history, and a mandate of free and public access to everyone.

I was particularly interested during the tour to hear about the original stacks: it was all underground in various stories of closed stacks. The storage for the main branch has now been expanded under Bryant Park in a similar style. The other thing I found cool was that they don’t follow the Dewey Decimal system (the branches do) but, rather, shelve their material by height (just like Titchener!)

I know I’ve said it before, but I could definitely live in NYC – I’m currently sitting outside in Bryant Park in the shadow of the library using the park’s free wifi and enjoying the sun. How much better does life get?


One Response to Bonus post!

  1. Eliza says:

    Just become a Librarian already!!! :p

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