A bonus stop!

Stop 3: Manitoba Provincial Archives & Legislative Library

Got to spend an unplanned day in Winnipeg! We weren’t sure how long we would be in Selkirk and the date for our tour in Brandon was still up in the air a bit so I had scheduled a “safety” day that would allow us to accommodate either place regardless of how the arrangements worked out. In the end, we got to spend a day in Winnipeg.

I spent the morning at the Manitoba Provincial Archives where the staff were very helpful! I was able to go through some of their governmental finding aids to see the types of material they hold from both the Selkirk and Brandon Asylums. Their photo collection is also open-access so I was able to paw through filing cabinets of images of various places in Manitoba and found some great shots of both institutions (including some incredible photos taken during and after Brandon’s big fire in 1910!)

One of the Archivists also borrowed a report for me from the Hudson Bay Company’s Archives (in the same building) that discussed the history of Stony Mountain Penitentiary and the Selkirk Asylum with a review of their buildings and grounds – very informative!

In the afternoon I headed over to Manitoba’s Legislative Library (conveniently also in the same building) to look through the Public Works annual reports re: the building of both the Selkirk and the Brandon site + a few of the annual reports from the Medical Superintendents and Bursars of each institution.

Overall it was a good day but frustrating since I basically got to see an “overview” of the collection rather than actually rolling up my sleeves and delving through boxes.


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