Tracking the pre-asylum days in Manitoba

15 July 2010

Stop 2: Lower Fort Garry & Stony Mountain Penitentiary

It’s hard to think of it as a “research” day when you’re walking around the grounds of an early fur trading post listening to high school kids in costume tell you about the history of various buildings. But the animated tour of the Hudson Bay Company‘s post allowed us to go inside the buildings on the Fort grounds that were used at one point as both a prison and an asylum as well as the small building that was built for Dr. Young, the first medical superintendent of the Selkirk Asylum (pictured left).

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Columbia U @ the Asylum?

20 June 2010

Last day: visiting the original site

Last day at the archives went really well – though a bit sad: one of the boxes of patient files has been attacked by a bad case of mould to the point that the writing is being erased 😦

I headed off to Columbia University‘s beautiful campus afterwards – which just happens to sit on the site of the original location of Bloomingdale Asylum (before it moved to White Plains, NY). Three of the Asylum’s buildings were used by the university for a period of time:

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